PhosGain – PROM (40 KG)

Phosphate Rich Organic Manure - PROM


PhosGain is a Phosphate Rich Organic Manure to help enhance soil texture and promote micro-organism growth.

  • Doesn’t add unwanted salts to the soil
  • Helps to release the available natural phosphate in soil
  • Best 100% input for organic farming
  • Increases the organic content of the soil
  • P as P2O5 = 15.5% ( Min 10.79 % ) Organic Carbon 13.4% ( Min 7.9% )
  • Improves soil texture and structure
  • Supplies micronutrients like Zn, Fe, Cu etc.
  • Useful in alkaline soils
  • Enhances good soil microorganisms growth, also supplies other micronutrients.


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